The eleventh app to unwrap is...

Flip board

Flipboard is a really interesting curation app that does so many different things. Indeed, it could become your go-to app for all things social and that’s just for starters! It’s a mix between a social app, a magazine app, and a news app and content, such as stories, articles, videos, blog posts, is displayed like a magazine. You can create your own ‘magazines’ too (private or public) or subscribe to magazines created by others. You can also link it with your social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and read, like, retweet, share and comment on tweets and posts, all from within Flipboard!

Flipboard is available for free from iTunes, Google Play, and the Windows Store. It’s also available via your browser. If you are using it via your browser, install the web bookmarklet or the Chrome extension.


What does Flipboard look like & how does it work?

This is what I see when I log into Flipboard (page 1 of 2). Each of the tiles represent different magazines that I have subscribed to and I can tap on any of them to start reading articles that have been curated for me. ‘Cover Stories’ automatically generates articles from all of my chosen content on my Flipboard so I could tap there for a quick round up either. All magazines are available offline too.

As you can see, I’ve also decided to ‘follow’ my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts from within Flipboard too. This allows me to not only read updates, but to ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘retweet’ and ‘comment’ too, as mentioned above. Furthermore, using the search box on the top of this page, I can search for, and choose to follow, a particular hashtag on Twitter, or search for a local newspaper for example, and then have that as a dedicated tile on my Flipboard too.

So really, via this one app I can read up on everything I’m interested in, pull together or ‘flip’ articles I want to keep into a magazine of my own, and also have access to all of my social networks too, all from within just one app! Brilliant!

Watch this 1.19min video that gives a great overview of what Flipboard can do for you.


A Screenshot of Flipboard



Creating your own magazine

Flipboard still

Tapping on the red ribbon on the top of your Flipboard brings you in behind your Flipboard.

From here you can see and edit your profile, manage all of the magazines that you’ve subscribed to, create your own magazine, and add any number of your social networking accounts to your Flipboard.


Click the ‘+’ where ever you see it on an article to ‘flip’ that article into one of your own magazines. Tap the magazine you want it to go into and choose ‘Add’ at the top of the dialogue box. You can also flip in YouTube videos.

If you wish others to contribute to your magazine, tap the share icon from within your magazine and invite them.

If this is the app for you, then check out these short function specific tutorials that Flipboard have put together on their blog.

How can Flipboard help you personalise your learning?

If you do not know what your preferred learning style is, go to the student page and take the short questionnaire linked to there and read how understanding your preferred style can help you personalise your learning


Essentially, Flipboard is a social content curation tool. While it does give you the opportunity to curate content that’s of interest to you personally, it’s not really going to help you personalise your learning in terms of ‘access’, ‘engage’ and/or ‘express’ as they relate to your preferred learning styles. However, as we did mention when reviewing the RefME app, developing a personal learning network is also part of personalising your learning experience and this is where this app fits in too. Your fellow students can be a rich learning resource for you and the ability to share and collaborate via magazines in Flipboard that you have created yourselves, facilitates and supports the development of personal learning networks, and virtual learning communities.

Does Flipboard provide opportunities for you to communicate and collaborate?

Absolutely! While you can share any article you read in Flipboard with your network via the share icon, the best way to use Flipboard to collaborate and communicate is by creating your own magazine and possibly inviting others to contribute to it. So, the next time you’re faced with a group research project, consider using Flipboard to curate relevant content as a group and even to create an artefact that is submitted along with your project.

Educators: On a similar vein, you could use Flipboard to create magazines for your classes, providing your students with handpicked articles and videos that are trustworthy and highly relevant to topics you are covering in class. If you would like to supplement the articles in your magazine with your own notes, or posts that contextualise the articles, you could create a free Wordpress blog, create posts there of your notes etc., and flip those into your magazines too. You could also record your own videos, upload them to your own YouTube channel and flip those in as well. Your students can comment on the articles, posts and videos via Flipboard and this can be a good way of tracking engagement.

Alternative Apps to check out

There are many other content curation tools and apps available for use. Two you could consider are and Storify.

Optional Task
Optional Task

  1. Install the Flipboard app

  2. Create an account and choose to subscribe to some topics to get you started (include the technology magazine)

  3. Using the search box at the top of your Flipboard magazine, search for #12appsDIT and choose to ‘Follow’ it, thereby adding a tile for #12appsDIT to your Flipboard

  4. Open the technology magazine and tap into an interesting article there. From the options given at the bottom of the screen, choose the share icon and share the story with us on #12appsDIT

  5. Now go and create your own magazine (see instructions above on how to do that)

  6. From within your own magazine tap the pen ‘edit’ icon to add photos, stories or videos, or, go back to one of the other magazines and ‘flip’ a story from there into your magazine. (To do this, choose the ‘+’ icon from the options at the bottom of the story you’re reading, choose your own magazine when prompted, then tap ‘Add’ to ‘Flip’ this story into your own magazine)

Don’t forget to tweet comments, tips and hints about Flipboard to #12appsDIT