The twelfth app to unwrap is...

Pic Collage

Read the text in the image to learn abut Pic Collage or just download the text here.

Pic collage sample

Want to see how easy it is to use this Pic Collage? 

Then watch this very quick 0.36 sec video to get a a feel for it.

pic collage settings

This is a screenshot from Pic Collage showing the only ‘moves’ you need to know about. It's so easy to add your photos, edit them, choose your backgrounds and a layout for them, then create your ‘collage’ before saving or sharing it.

Click here to see follow the pic collage blog and see some sample collages.

Does Pic Collage provide opportunities for you to communicate and/or collaborate?

Pic Collage does facilitate some collaboration. Apart from just sharing your collage to facebook or twitter, you  can also create a Pic Collage account. You can post your collages there and ‘follow’ other users. There is a comment feature called ‘respond’ - instead of commenting with text, you ‘respond’ by adding text and/or images etc to the collage you want to respond to! Now that’s novel. Click here to learn more about how to ‘respond’. You could use this feature to gather feedback from your friends or project group on your collage or to work together to build on a basic collage.

For Educators

Assessments, reflections, and projects do not always have to be submitted in the written form, and presentations do not always have to be created in PowerPoint! In some situations, something like Pic Collage could provide your students way more freedom to express their understanding of the topic in hand.

Alternative Apps to check out

There are a lot of photo collage apps available in the app stores. They all do the same thing and they can all help you express your learning in the same ways. So, it's your turn to make suggestions! Have you used collage apps before? Which was your favourite? Please share your recommendations on #12appsDIT.

Optional Task

Optional Task


  1. Install Pic Collage

  2. Take 8 photos of your surroundings i.e. where you are right now

  3. Open Pic Collage and choose a grid layout for 8 photos

  4. Add your 8 photos, double tapping each one in turn to edit them or to add some special effects

  5. Add a large heading saying “Farewell #12appsDIT 2015”

  6. Share your collage with #12appsDIT

Happy Christmas everyone and ‘Thank You’ for following The 12 Apps of Christmas Project 2015 @ DIT

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