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if and do apps

Would you like to make your apps work harder for you? Then use these two apps,  IF and DO Button, to make simple connections between your other favourite apps that will automate certain simple tasks and save you time! And, as you read through some of the ideas below, you’ll see that not only will these connections between your apps save you time, but could also help keep you on top of projects and appointments so that you won’t forget or miss anything. There's something in here today that will appeal to every kind of learner but because the possibilities are as varied as your own personal needs and what your favourite apps are (and are limited only by your imagination) it's not possible or practical to review these two apps today against the VARK learning styles. So, read on and then start making your apps work for you your way!

Both IF and Do Button are available from iTunes and Google Play for free.


Both IF and Do Button have been created by the same group and use the IFTTT process to automate tasks. IFTTT is pronounced like ‘gift’ but without the ‘g’, and stands for ‘If This Then That’. IFTTT includes a ‘trigger’ which causes a certain ‘action’ to take place, and together, the trigger and action is called a ‘recipe’. You can use a ‘recipe’ to connect, for example, your Instagram and Dropbox accounts so that IF you post a photo to Instragram THEN the photo will get saved automatically to DropBox. The possibilities are endless really given that you’re not tied to recipes that have already been made - you can create your own that suit your own personal needs too!



Let's look at IF first...

IF app

Once you’ve installed the IF app, you must create an account in order to log in and get started. Then you can search for ‘recipes’ that have already been created around apps that you regularly use. When you tap on a recipe that appeals to you, you’ll be brought through step by step how to connect your two apps so that your chosen task will be put in motion. You can also see, edit, turn off or on, or delete any recipes you've added, as well as create your own. If you’d prefer not to do all this via the app it's also available via your browser and you can log in using the same account details as the app.

This website explains IFTTT in more detail and is well worth a look if you're interested in linking your apps. This 3.54 Min YouTube video gives some great recommendations for connecting your social media accounts and automating tasks such as posting Happy Birthday to people’s Facebook timelines for you!

There are some great recipes available too for some of the apps we’ve already reviewed in the last four days. For example you can…

Microsoft have created their own IFTTT channel too and have created recipes there for your convenience, so they are well worth browsing through.

Now we can take a look at the DO button...

Do button

The DO button is another app you can use to automate certain tasks. The difference between the DO Button though and the IF app is that the DO Button requires a manual intervention as the trigger. You must actually tap the Do Button to set the chosen action in motion. You no longer have to reply on a trigger happening in order for the action to be carried out, rather, you manually provide the trigger.

You can sign into the DO Button app using the same account details as the IF button. In fact, if you’re signed into one, it'll automatically sign you in to the other. The app will present you with a sample first ‘recipe’ to get you started and see that it’s working and once you’ve done that you can browse for and add other ready made buttons to your device. If using an Android device, you can add the widget to the Do Button recipe you've chosen directly to the homescreen of your device. If using and iOS device, then you can enable the DO Button widget in your notification drawer and you’ll see your buttons show there for you. Just tap the buttons to set the task or action in motion.


You can also create your our own personalised Do Button on your device. To do this, browse the various channels that are available to DO Button and decide what action you’d like to take. See the screenshots below as an example.

Added Extras: DO Camera & DO Note

Do camera and Do note buttons

IFTTT have also created a DO Camera app and a Do Note app and both can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play for free. Do Camera connects a huge range of services to your camera specifically to create what they call ‘unparalleled personalisation’. Basically, you choose what happens to the photo you take when you tap the DO Camera button widget. Similarly with DO Note, create for yourself a personalised notepad - you decide where your quick notes go when you tap the DO Note button. Imagine, there’s really no need to log into Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn anymore to post status updates! You can do it all in one tap from DO Note.

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